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Plans for developing BDAS Community Areas



















Phase 1         a. Community bed planting        

                         b. Road Clearing/Preparing Verge for planting

                         c. Community Orchard clearing and planting

                         d. Website























Followed by funding applications for:


Phase 2         Physical Security/Gates


Phase 3         a. Hub Building

                          b. Solar Power/ WiFi/CCTV


Phase 4         a. Growing Cage/Cold Frames        

                          b. Greenhouse


Phase 5         Bees/Chickens?




Phase 1.

Improving the look of the site will create a more visually appealing and productive environment, encouraging biodiversity – especially pollinating insects - and creating a more secure and pleasant space with better access especially for those with mobility problems and for families with children. A better-managed site will also increase our opportunities for funding future projects. 


How Can I Help?


By keeping plots relatively weed-free, keeping paths and roadsides edged, and clear of debris and weeds. Also try to keep plants from spilling out onto paths and roads.

Please feel free to use the sweeping brushes provided on site (located by the green container and the water butts) to keep the roads clear.

We’re trying to clear the road adjacent to the loop and prepare the verge for planting summer fruits and wildflowers. Creating and sustaining populations of beneficial insects is a primary mission. Please don’t hesitate to jump in! Stay in touch on WhatsApp for dates and times.  

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